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  • MENU(500)


  • Possmei Mango Flavored Syrup(2.5kg*6)


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Servis’Oeuf’s liquid eggs are sourced from egg producers under the banner of la Ferme du Pré. The eggs are selected in order to meet the particular requirements of each product. They provide professionals with: time-savings, easy access, bacteriological quality and functional. Through its pasteurisation process and aseptic packaging, la Ferme du Pré can guarantee the long-shelf life of its product (Use-by date: 42 days).

  • Saves time

  • Easy access

  • Bacteriological quality

  • Long shelf life

  • Eggs cracked, pasteurised and chilled

Due to manufacturers to change the goods packaging, venues, accessories and so do not advance notice, and each consultant to buy, ask the time and so different. To this end, customer service to the reply only to the 3 days valid, other users for reference only! Thank you for your inconvenience!

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