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Monin fruit puree Tangerine 1 L

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17.50 /Bottle

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Sugar, water, tangerine juice, tangerine pulp, concentrated tangerine juice, acids (citric acid, sodium citrate), natural flavouring, thickener (pectin), preservative (potassium sorbate), colouring foods (carrot and pumpkin extracts). Contains the equivalent of 50% of tangerine.

Nutritional Information

Energy per 100g (kcal)316 kcal 

Energy per 100g (kJ)1336 kJ 

Fat per 100g (g)0 

Fat of which Saturates per 100g (g)0 

Carbohydrate Per 100g (g)76.1 g 

Carbohydrate of which Sugars per 100g (g)76.1 g 

Fibre per 100g0 

Protein per 100g (g)0.4 g 

Salt per 100g (g)0.37 g 

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